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Christianity gave us a better life
The Christian religion is God's gift to mankind that helped us to a better life. Creating a less violent society is the basis for the creation of a society with better living conditions and higher living standards. That prosperity is higher in our part of the world is because Christian teaching was most successful in creating a less violent society (Religion_E.html).  How would Sweden have been that is strongly influenced by the Christian message based on Jesus, if it had been stated in the Gospels that Jesus, instead of making miracles and healing the sick, had conquered a city, killed the men and taken the women as sex slaves.

Celebrating 700 yars and a holiday for abolition of slavery that created a better world
In order to manifest the abolition of slavery, which is the greatest contribution to the development of society, we should set up a holiday for thanksgiving to our foresight Christian ancestors who, in the Middle Ages, 1335 in Sweden, abolished slavery. In 2035, it is thus time to celebrate the 700th anniversary for abolition of slavery in Sweden.

Slavery stifles innovation. The technological development resulting from replacing slaves with paid workers due to abolition of slavery in the Middle Ages in our part of the world led to the industrial revolution and the successes of the Western civilization. That other parts of the world did not have a similar development is due to that abolition of slavery occured much later. In large parts of the world, people has a slave master as prophet and supreme moral model and therefore did not regard slavery as something negative to be abolished and thus missed the progress that we received in our part of the world. Slavery was still there up to the 19th/20th century, giving a world divided into rich developed and non-developed poor countries.

That people in large parts of the world got the white slave master with Jewish and African slaves as prophet and moral role model is due to that in a tropical climate it was not possible to create kingdoms based on taxation of agriculture [taxation.html]. Since the sale of prisoners taken in war as slaves was an important income for rulers at the time and polygamy created a great demand for female slaves, in the 7th/8th centuries the books about the Messenger of God the ruler of Medina were written so that the believers instead of Jesus got a moral role model who conquered a city where he beheaded all the men and took the women as sex slaves, so that the believers could buy the women sold in the slave markets without moral qualms.

Women's choices of men can create a better world
Most of the violence is committed by men, but the women's choice of men determines what types of men we get. So, in order that women through the sexual selection should not breed violent men, women should be convinced to choose non-violent men in order to breed non-voilent men and thus reduce the proportion of violent men to get a less violent society with better living conditions. (Sexselection.htm)

De-Christianisation and increasing violence in society is due to that it is no longer survival that determines what is evolutionary successfull. Amoung most mammalian species, the male strives to violently defeat the other males in order to obtain exclusive right to mate with the females and make many females with children. When humans began to live on agriculture, the same area could support more people, which gave rise to a population increase. However, a work effort was required to obtain food, whereby for the mammalian specie of humans became evolutionary successful that as among most bird species forming pairs where the man through his work effort contributed to providing for the children. Nowadays, we have had such good living conditions that it is not a prerequisite for the children's survival that their biological father through hard work produces food so that they can get something to eat. The children have equal opportunities to survive even if the woman chooses as the father of her children, a man with mammalian behavior who strives to defeat other males and make many women with children which the society (other men) has to provide for, instead of select a hard-working man who contributes to the children's livelihood. Thereby has the human descent from mammals where the males fight each other over who should be allowed to mate, coused that men who are percieved as more violent can make women willing to mate. Thus, it is no longer evolutionary successful with a moral role model that claimed that one should love one's neighbor as oneself and thus make men cooperate and help each other, which increases the essential necessities they can produce. This couses that the proportion decreases, who have as supreme moral model he who, according to the Gospels performed miracles, healed the sick, and resurrected on the third day after dying on a cross, while the proportion increases who have a supreme moral model that have defeated other males, who according to the scriptures become ruler of Medina and year 627 executed all jews in Medina and year 628 conquered Khaybar, there he beheaded all men and took the women as sex slaves. And moral model has greater importance for which society we get than, for example, skin color. (Evolution_strategy.html)

Give a gift to Open Doors. To give everyone the possibility to receive the Christian message that gave us a better life, the persecution of Christians in the poorer part of the world must be counteracted.

Erik Levlin