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Distribution of 708 University poäng (60 poäng is 1 year study) achieved at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University (30 poäng).

Since 1971 I have studied and worked at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and became 2008 Associate professor in Environmental Engineering. I was borne 1951 in Åbo (Turku), Finland, from Finland Swede parents (geneology) who were students at Åbo Akademi University, and which after exam immigrated to Sweden in the beginning of the 50-ties. The crisis in the Swedish Steel industry then I and my brother take Master degree (bergsingenjör) in material science 1976, made that I continued at KTH as post graduate student at Applied Electrochemistry and Corrosion Science, School of Chemistry. 1980 to 1990 I were president for the doctors student association. My licentiate thesis 1982 about temperature dependence of pitting corrosion of stainless steel were performed with Gösta Wranglén as supervisor.

Started with environmental science 1983 then I get an assignment from Ulf von Brömssen at Statens Naturvårdsverk (Swedish National Environmental Protection Agency) to write a report about the connection between corrosion and acidification caused by air pollutants (SNV pm 1978). The work continued to a PhD exam 1993 with a doctors thesis about Corrosion of water pipe systems due to acidification of soil and groundwater, with financial support from Statens Naturvårdsverk and Byggforskningsrådet. 1986 I started at Water Resources Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, KTH, there the experimental work of the doctors thesis were performed. Supervisor there Einar Mattsson retired chief of the Korrosionsinstitutet (Swedish Corrosion Institut), today a part of Swerea KIMAB. As a continuation on the thesis work field experiment has been performed together with Geology at Chalmers Technical University and Tor-Gunnar Vinka at the Swedish Corrosion Institut, there experiments, corresponding to these which have been made in the laboratory, ware performed buried underground in situ in the soil.

My publication list contains many reports both in English and Swedish. At Land and Water Resources Engineering (into which Water Resources Engineering has been incoperated) I work on different projects such as Phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge in cooperation with Professor Bengt Hultman (retired and emeritus since 2006). We have written reports about sustainable sludge handling for Stockholm Water Company (Nr 23 1997, Nr 54 1998, Nr 6 2001 and Nr 2 2002) and VA-Forsk (1996-08, 2001-05, 2004-03 and 2004-15). Since 2008 beeing engaged in the work with starting research projects at Hammarby Sjöstadsverk which KTH and IVL Svenska Miljköinstitutet jointly get from Stockholm Vatten.

Educated in corrosion, VA-teknik, (sewage handling), water and waste handling which is yearly given for 40 students from all over the world and during autumn 2003 environmetal education for the Stockholm City division of Kista. Have also assisted with edition of research reports including a 11 volume report serie within the Polish-Swedish Researche cooperation, and writing course compendium used by the Baltic University programme in different Universities aruond the Baltic Sea area which one also has been translated to Russian.

From August 2002 to January 2003 I served as environmental investigator for the Environmental Office, Government of Åland. The Baltic Sea archipelago of Åland with 26 000 inhabitants is an unilingual Swedish  autonomous province of Finland with its own legislation and its own responsibility for environmental issues. The Environmental Office which works as Environmental Ministry and EPA of Åland is small and I had to deal with many types of issues such as collection of ship waste in harbours, implementation of EU-directives in Åland and writed a report about emissions of air pollutants from Åland.

My experiance from industry concists mainly of project with different commisionairs. On commision of Svensk Kärnbränslehantering (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co) I have written about corrosion of copper in anaerobic clay and on commision of Envac (former Centralsug) made investigation on corrosion on underground pipes for waste collection. During my professional career I have worked with many different subjects such as pitting on stainless stell, phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge, emissions of air pollutants from Åland. I have thereby complemented my education through further education courses such as a course in Ion exhange which I made in order to evaluate the possibility to use ion exchange technology for phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge and the course in Athmospheric chemistry and air pullutants at Stockholm University which I read as a distance cource through internet in Mariehamn, Åland, when I get the task to study air pollutants in Åland.

Since 1980 then HSB take over real estate in Akalla where I lived from John Mattson to 2002 I there member of the board for HSB:s bostadsrättsförening Imatra with 254 appartments in Akalla and 1990 to 2002 member of the board for the vacuum waste collection system of Husby-Akalla which annually collects 3000 tonne waste from 8000 connected appartments (6,5 km waste pipes and 600 waste 600 waste shafts).

1979 to 2002 I were member of the board for Kistamoderaterna and 2008 I became president of Aktiespararna (Swedish Shareholders' Association) Stockholm Kungsholmen. During 1991 to 1998 I were vice member of Landstingsfullmäktige, Stockholms Läns Landsting (County of Stockholm), with different commisions for instance in a health care board, VSSO with responsibility for a population of 200,000 persons in western area of Stockholm and an annual budget of 1,9 billion skr. Have also been member of the board of the congregation of Kista from 1981 to 2001.

Erik Levlin
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