Sexual selection controls biology

Alcohole abuse and criminality are the largest social problems
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Sexual selection is then the choice of partner by the one sex influence the properties of the other sex (Charles Darwin, 1859, The origin of species), as for instance the beatiful tail plume of the peacock which has been created due to males with large tail plume are more atractive for the females.

Sexual selection: The sex is not a social construction instead caused by sexual selection. The debate about the influence of biology on the role of the sexes and the differences between sexes is influenced by the believe that if the difference is caused by biology, the differences are given by the nature and can thereby not be changed. However, if they are not caused by biology, the differences can be changed by influencing the attitudes. Research that shows on the importance of biology is therefore inconvenient for those who wants to change the role of the sexes. However, the importance of the sexual selection for differences between the sexes has thereby been forgotten. Male secondary sex characters are properties that make the female willing to mate, and are therefore typical for males. The male chose of women determines what kind of women we get and the female chose of man determines what kind of man we get. To change the role of the male sex the women must be more aware of what type of man they chose. If the women becomes more aware of what type of man they chose, they can through the sexual selection breed the type of man they want to have. To counteract alcohol problems and criminality, to create a better society and to get better relation between the sexes, it is important to create a larger consciousness about the influence of sexual selection and its importance.

The sexual selection is not affected by the way women want men to be. If the men who are like the women want men to be becames non sexually comrades and there are the men who are not as women want men to be (men who consider women as sex objects) who succeed in making women with children, the result is that women zthrough the sexual selection breeds men who are not like women want men to be. Since alcohol problems and criminality mostly occurs among males the influence of the female is underestimated. The feminists often talks about it as a male problem. Since the differences between the sexes is caused by sexual selection the females decides how the man will be. To decrease the problems with alcohol abuse and criminality the female must be made aware at the importance of sexual selection. If the females can be influenced to reject criminal and alcohol abusing men they will through the sexual selection counteract criminality and alcohol abuse.

Men who kill women (TV4 2014): "The most dangerous place for women in Sweden is their home. Each year, an average of 17 women is killed by their current or former husband. When it comes to traffic politicians have long talked about zero tolerance, but when it comes to men's violence against women is no such explicit ambition. the violence is ever present and the victims are all over Sweden." To reduce the number killed is important to understand the causes to help women to deselect the violent men.

Violency: The problem is not than women deliberately chose criminal and violent men. A woman that chose a man that beats here does not do so becouse she wants to be beaten. She may say: "It is terrible that he beats me but I can not leave him because I love him". Many women do not make a deliberate chose. Instead the chose man from the experience of falling in love then meeting the "right" man. They believe that it is the "fate" that has been choosing. However, falling in love is not caused by meeting a special men. The purpose of the genes with falling in love is that it shall cause sexual intersection and thereby reproduction and therefore the natural selection has created genes that makes here to fall in love. Since she is not making an active chose it is here genes that are choosing a man. What type of man she falls in love with is for the genes of secondary importance. For the genes it is the type of sons that she can get that is of primary importance. That creates a risk that some (not all!) women unawareness can chose violent men which causes social problems such as criminality.

Women who loves men who kills (Svenska Dagbladet, 27 juli 2008) is through the sexual selection contributing to creating violent criminals. That biology can influence some to do violent crime is testified by the "adrenaline cicks" the can get of violent acts and which impose them to do violent crimes. (Development of inebriation blocking medicine can be a method to counteract the problems.) It is not enough to regard violent men only as a male problem which can be counteracted by changing male attitudes. An important part in work against male violence is to get the women aware of what type of men the choice so that they not through the sexual selection breeds violent men. A women that select a man that beats here dos not do so because she wants to be beaten. In spite that she does not wont to be beaten her genes can make her to fall in love with a violent man that beats her. That the genes can choice a violent man depends on that human belongs to the group mammals, and among most species of mammals the males fight battles between each other about which that shall be allowed to mate the females. These females that mate the victorious males can thereby get sons that inherit strength and aggressivity from the father and thereby become more successful in the battle about females. This will promote genes that make women to feel that violent men as more sexually attractive. At species there violency is a male secondary sex character, the females have through the sexual selection breeded males that are larger and stronger than the females. (Among the few species there violency is a female secondary sex character, the males have through the sexual selection breeded females that are larger and stronger than the males.) For about 2 million years ago the battle between males about females created men with a considerable larger body weight than women (Nature 8/5 1997). Even if human today lives in a society there the men does not have to fight battles with each other may these mammal genes still remain and influence some (not all!) women in their choice of men. If the beating men says "Darling forgive me, I was so angry that I did not know that I did - I promise not to do it again" he admits that he don't can control his behaviour. The promise not to do it again is therefore of no value, and if she gets a son with him it is a great risk that her son who inherit the incapability to control his behaviour. That she stays in spite that she realise that he will do it again, may depend on that she is influenced by genes which are dedicated to get her to mate a victorious male. The believe of some women that her love will change a violent man, is caused by her need of an acceptable reason to explain why she loves a violent man. Her mammal genes that makes her to love the man does not unveil to her that the purpose is that she shall get violent sons who can be successful in the battle about females. To strengthen the woman to be able to abound and deselect violent men, preferentially before he makes her with children, is therefore an important part in measures against violence against women.

Need of alcohole: That the genes may select a drug needing man depends on that the woman when using drugs such as alcohol gets an inebriation which makes that the probability increase for that she experience to have meet the right. The mating ritual for the specie of Human in our society is often performed at establishment with permission to serve alcohole, thereby the males attracts the females by offering alcohole. Men who drinks can more easily entice the woman to drink and gets thereby a larger opportunity to find a woman. An investigation has shown that total abstainers in larger degree than other men lives alone (Expressen 20/7 1995). Most contacts in society of today occur at bars and restaurants. To get contact on these places is connected with alcohol consumption. The question can be made it the alcohol is necessary to establish contact? The problem can be that especially in a large city, gets many but short-lived contacts. Then seeking contacts on restaurants in a large city you often meets new persons every night. The contacts may therefore be too short-lived for that the natural pair formation process shall work. Alcohol may thereby function as an accelerator for the pair formation process. Guro Ødegård studied restaurant guests and found that alcohol makes women accessible for sexual intercourse (Svenska Dagbladet 12/1 1997). The enjoyment that the woman feels then some biochemical receptors on the brain cells are stimulated by the alcohol, makes that the probability increase for that she experience to have met the right and fall in love increases then she drinks. I have noticed that for many women it is a prerequisite that she is together with a man, who drinks alcohol, to drink, and therefore the "right" is a man who also drinks. Since she only drinks together with men who drink, the result is that she probability with large selects a man who drinks. To study this a connection analyse ought to be done between when women drinks alcohol and when they fall in love. At an interview investigation the answer will be given that it only is accidentally that they fall in love when they hade drunken. I believe that many women don't want that their sons shall become socially failure because that they have been addicted by alcohol then selecting partner. Information about the negative effects of the influence of alcohol on the contacts between men and women and the women selection of partner can contribute to that women not allows the choice of partner to be influenced by alcohol.

That men with criminality and alcohol problems in larger degree are single than other men depends on that women divorce from the men then the feeling of falling in love has passed and she discovers that it is difficult to live together with a violent and/or alcohol abusing man. If she has get with children, she thereby choice to became a single mother. That sons to single mothers often become problem child than other can therefore depend on that these in larger degree have fathers with genetically caused violent behaviour and need for drugs and alcohol.

Beard: If applying the Darwin theory of sexual selection on the specie of human, the conclusion is that the beard has a function of a male secondary sex character and is therefore not a misstake made by an unitelligent creator which can be removed without consequences. The male secondary sex character violency that exist amoung many species of mammals gives the males a need of using violency to defeet the other males, which therefore creates a violent society there the humans fight each other and therefore lives in poverty. To create a society with better living conditions the humans has to cooperate and help each other. The human civilisationen has counteracted the voileny by different methods such as legal system, trade with goods and services, democracy and christian religion. Furthermore has the need of an other male secondary sex character that can replace violency amoung humans caused that the women through the sexual selection created the male secondary sex character beard. However, for the secondary sex character beard to be able to replace violency it is neccesary that the males not removes the beard by shaving. If these men who don't have the male secondary sex character violency are not "nonsexual" (lack of secondary sex characters) instead at least have the male secondary sex character beard, it would be easier for the women to select non violent men, which can result in reduce of beating women. "Men with beard are more sexy" (Illustrerad Vetenskap No 3/2005, page 22) "According to a German investigation women likes men with beard more than shaved men." Since violent behaviour is a male secondary sex character violent men are heterosexual. If lack of male secondary sex characters among non violent men makes that non violent men becomes homosexual, it will be more difficult for women to chose non violent men, which can result in increased beating of women and to increased problems with violence in the society caused by the women through the sexual selection breeding violent men. The tradition of the Western World that men shall be shaved without beard was mainly established at the time of the first world war. Since a large number of men died in the trenches a deficit of men was created reducing the need of male secundary sex characters. Furthermore, the men that survived hade through killing enemies at the battlefields showed proof of the male secondary sex character violency.

Successfull: A male can appear as a strong male that has beaten the others if he is more successful than most other men. Either by achieving a high position in the society and/or earning much more money than most other. Successful is therefore a male secondary sex character and successful can therefore do not appear as none sexual also without the male secondary sex character beard. Since the male genes make him attracted to women, that is individuals without beard, successful men can increase their popularity among other men by removing the beard. However, successful can only be a male secondary sex character for a small part of the men since few men can be more successful than most other. The male secondary sex character successful can therefore not replace need of alcohol and violency. Since successful is a male secondary sex character the women will through the sexual selection breed more men with the properties needed to became successful than the men will breed women with the necessary properties. This creates an equality problem with more men than women in high position in the society, which not can be solved by quotation. Instead we must get the men to became more interested in successful women and give successful women better possibilities to combine work and children,

Sexual orientation: There is no such thing as "homosexual orientation". This that is called "homosexual orientation" is a combination of gender and sexual orientation. Assume that person X is sexually attracted to women and want to have sex with women. Since we do not know the sex of person X, we can not determine if person X has a homosexual or a heterosexual orientation. The same sexual orientation is referred to as "heterosexual" if X is male is called "homosexual" if X is a woman. Being sexually attracted to women, regardless of gender should be called feminofil sexual orientation and being attracted to men maskulinofil sexual orientation. Maskulinofil sexual orientation means that she is sexually attracted to individuals with male secondary sex characters and feminofil sexual orientation that he is sexually attracted to individuals with female secondary sex characters. Since sexual orientation is associated with sexual reproduction, it is the sexual orientation and the sexual reproduction of genetic origin. At many species, the natural selectionhas created genes that give rise to females with female secondary sex characters and maskulinofil sexual orientation and males with male secondary sex characters and feminofil sexual orientation. Natural selection has created the genes for both maskulinofil sexual orientation and feminofil sexual orientation. Since hetrosexuality is a prerequisite for sexual reproduction, it is not a "heteronormative society" instead the natural selection that makes heterosexuality much more common than homosexuality. The genes for feminofil sexual orientation and male secondary sex characters in women are inactive, while the genes for maskulinofil sexual orientation and female secondary sex characters are inactive in males. Since nature is not perfect, one can assume that in some few cases there may be males with maskulinofil sexual orientation, and females with feminofil sexual orientation. However, there is a norm in our Western society that may contribute to homosexuality. Homosexual can for instance arise if males lack the male secondary sex characters needed to make maskulinofila females to being interested. We can do a thought experiment with for instamce ducks in which the females are gray (female secondary sex characters), while the males at mating time, adopts a 'splendid costume (male secondary sex characters) that are particularly colorful and have distinctive cartoon. If we gather a flock of ducks and paint all the males gray to resemble females, this will lead to reduced reproduction and as well as many same-sex couples that homosexuality. Maskulinofil females will miss males to mate with males while feminofila will find other males to form mate. Such experiments are conducted today in the human species in our western society which has created a norm that says that men should remove their male secondary sex characters (shave off his beard) and have likeness of women.

The race hygien myth: Cesare Lombroso 1835 - 1909 become famous through publications in criminal anthropology in which he states that crimes depends on biological properties at criminal individuals. However, Lombroso did not have the knowledge we today have in genetics, and therefore devoted his work to study external properties of criminals in order to identify a "criminal race". The theory of a "criminal race" was later the base for the work in "race hygiene". Lombroso assumed that difference in biological properties within a specie only exist between races, and that genetic differences between individuals means that they belong to different races. That differences in biological properties that defina a specie only is inherited within a specie depends on that individuals from different species not can get fertile offspring's with properties from two species. A requisite for existence of races within a specie is that individuals from different races not can mate, in spite of that they can get fertile offspring's if it was possible to mate. The existence of races within the human specie depends on that humans are spread out all over the world and it was until recently almost impossible for individuals from different part of the world to meet and mate. Different conditions in different parts of the world have thus created races of humans descending from different parts of the world. Existence of different races from descending from the same part of the world is impossible, since individuals from the different races would meet and mate with each other thus transferring genes between the races. Genes for criminality will occur if criminal behaviour is an evolutionary stable strategy. That is if an individual through criminality can promote his own survival and reproduction on the cost of others. If criminal behaviour is an evolutionary stable strategy the share of individuals with genes for criminality will increase with time until almost all individuals have genes for criminality. However, if none criminal behaviour is an evolutionary stable strategy the share of individuals with genes for criminality will decrease with time until almost no individuals have genes for criminality. The genes that control the external properties are not affected on whether criminality is an evolutionary stable strategy or not and criminals can therefore not be identified from external properties.

Erik Levlin 2018-12-26
Docent, PhD

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